FINALLY: A method that provides 0% processing-fee credit card transactions

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If this is what you use already, we just replace this item so you can start saving on the processing fee!

Dejavoo Z8

Z8 countertop payment terminals provide an easy to use EMV payment experience for every business owner. Both easy to us and easy to program.

Dejavoo Z9 Wireless

3G and/or WiFi: Multiple Mobile Options Keeping You Connected! Ideal for Pay at the Table! Connect Easily, Terminal finds available networks!

  • Recommended Brand – Deja Voo All Modules Supported
  • Common Non-Proprietary Terminals – All Supported
  • Proprietary Terminals – Customization may be required

POS Systems

If you use a software system to process credit cards we are compatible to two vendors and likely to many others (to be examined on a case by case basis)



  • Recommended Brands – Xpient & Datapoint POS’s All Modules Supported
  • Common Non-Proprietary POS’s – All Supported
  • Proprietary POS’s – Customization may be required

We can work with most of the Non Proprietary POS, if customer configuration is required it would an additional cost to the Merchant.